immersive Telepresence

We are developing the next generation teleoperation interface

How it works

Operator view in the VR headset. Immersive 3D view of the environment, the operator sees what the robot sees.

Remote robot replicates the movement in real-time


Safety As workers don't need to enter hazardous places, safety increases
Remote Access Various tasks can be carried out by the remote robot with high dexterity
Assistance Remote operator can assist workers in hazardous environment via teleoperation
Low Cost Off-the-shelf components
Modularity Modularity allows fast building, plug in any major industrial robot
Logging Extensive recording(video/data) capabilities to log your operation
Speed Perform tasks 3x-10x faster compared to traditional teleoperation (joystick & monitors)
Quick Training Due to the intuitive nature of the system, training time is hours not days/weeks
Learning Teach robot to perform repeated tasks



  • CI software
  • Computer stack
  • VR hardware
  • Full support

Full turnkey

We provide a full turnkey solution for you.