immersive Telepresence

We are developing the next generation teleoperation interface

How it works

Immersive view

3D view of the working environment using virtual reality headset

Realtime tracking

Robotic manipulator replicates the operator’s hand movements.

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback provides sense of touch and feel of the forces that the robot experiences.

Diversity of applications

Variety of tools and robotic arms can be utilized to perform different operations.


Fast response

High-throughput, low-latency and distributed architecture enables realtime control of the robotic end effector


Advanced robotic end effector with high dexterity enables handling different tools with high precision


We are replacing the conventional use of joysticks with human natural motion. This enables intuitive remote control of robotic arms

About us

Hamid Reza Zaheri

Background in Aerospace and Embedded Systems
­ Experience in Design and development of unmanned vehicles, ­ Computer vision and AI

Miika Perä

Background in Bioinformation tech. and Finance
Experience in product and business development